This book reads somewhat like a novel, but the storyline clothes reality in Franklin’s unique way of revealing modern man’s plight in a world gone mad. Does Tammy get her story? Does Elias Alias prove Oath Keepers’ innocence? What is the future for Oath Keepers as an organization? Is there room now for The Mental Militia? Is our Constitutional Republic in trouble? Is Montana really Heaven on Earth?

To answer such questions, Elias Alias takes Tammy on peak-skimming forays outside the box of our presented history on a mental mission covering the American Revolution’s long-stride hike through two and a half Centuries of change, advancement and development right into the insanity of consolidated centralized governmental largesse as symbolized by the COVID lockdowns, government mind-control science, Pax-Americana’s CIA pathology, cultural Marxism’s “long march through the institutions”, and an economic uncertainty producing a cashless transhumanist society as a dangerous mood of biologically altered RNA insanity cheers for World War Three.

Isn’t unity the last word in community? And isn’t community about all we’ve got left?


Awesome read!

This book is a must read for anyone interested in knowing the truth about the Oath Keepers organization who like all patriotic groups in America have been un fairly demonized and targeted as home-grown terrorists by the unconstitutional US Government. The author, and former editor of Oath Keepers online website, not only describes the organization’s mission and its beliefs, but gives an in depth view of the history of American government and how it has gone rogue. Oath Keepers Targeted Red is accurate, full of facts unknown by most, and well worth the read. The book at the same time is also written in a way that is fun and taunts the reader to want to know what happens next. ~ JS

Learn the truths about Oath Keepers

This novel is an amazing expose of the history of Oath Keepers as an organization and shows a more accurate picture of the intent and purpose behind the founding. It certainly is not the picture being framed by the mockingbird media and the January 6 Select Committee. Franklin Shook inserts an amazing depth of research and documentation to back up the thesis of the novel (oppressive FedGov overreach) , and does it in a way that is entertaining as well as profound. This book turns the term conspiracy theorist in its rhetorical head, proving that most of the conspiracy theories concerning out of control federal agencies are founded on provable fact and manages to illuminate the real conspirators through their own words and thoroughly documented deeds. Everyone concerned about the direction of our country should read this novel and do their own research before putting it aside as mere fiction. Although written as a novel, it may more accurately portray the truth than 99% of the Frankfurt School academics transforming our youth.  ~DH

Never have I read a more accurate historical novel!

A compelling style ,that exposes the government corruption from a state’s rights point of view! Salute to an American Hero! ~ Amazon Customer